Jennifer Jacobson

I am the Senior Managing Editor for Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology at Ohlinger Studios. Since 2007, I have developed print and digital products for Ohlinger: complicated technical books, numerous introductory and upper-level political science titles, and various titles in a leading college success franchise.

I graduated from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 1993, earning a BA in Rhetoric with a minor in Spanish. Shortly thereafter, I began my career in textbook publishing as an editorial assistant with Allyn & Bacon, and I have been happily using my college major ever since.

Early in my career, I worked the Boston sales territory for A&B where I achieved two years of double-digit sales increases and numerous manuscript signings. In 1998, I went to Jones and Bartlett Publishers where I assumed a marketing director role. In 2000, I took a position as a social sciences acquisitions editor at Allyn & Bacon and over five years grew the young anthropology and criminal justice lists—dominated by first editions—from a combined $1.9 million base to $9.4 million.

I recently travelled to Israel as part of the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project, and I am very active in the Jewish community in Louisville, KY.