John Reisbord

I am a Development Editor at Ohlinger Studios, specializing in Pearson’s history titles. Prior to joining Ohlinger in May 2016, I taught at Northwestern University and Vassar College for five years and built a successful small business as a full-time, freelance subject matter expert.

I hold a BA in the Humanities from Reed College and a PhD in Modern European History from Northwestern University. While my graduate study focused on European history, I am equally comfortable and experienced in American and World History, and as a subject matter expert I worked on hundreds of projects ranging from the abridgement of manuscripts to the development of new and more effective teaching and assessment tools.

Most recently, I served as editorial director for an exciting collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution to produce an extensive and innovative American history video series. I’ve also been involved in developing ways to integrate emerging media into history titles: conceptualizing, scripting, and supervising the creation of 360-degree immersive historical experiences that allow users to explore important historical sites around the world.

I am passionate about history, good writing, my children, the martial arts, and the music of Bruce Springsteen.