Our Story

For the past quarter-century, Ohlinger Studios (OS) has been committed to creating dynamic, engaging content. We partner with subject-matter experts, teachers, media experts, and trainers to produce print and digital materials that instruct and inspire. Collectively, we have hundreds of years of experience working with educational organizations, agencies, start-ups, and corporations. Drawing on our deep understanding of learning science and our varied disciplinary expertise, we collaborate with your teams to make the most of your investment.

Monica Ohlinger, president and founder of Ohlinger Studios, had been working in publishing for close to a decade when she began thinking about establishing her own company. As a development editor for Merrill Publishing, Monica gained hands-on experience with driving a textbook through the publishing process. After years of working in development, she was promoted to Senior Developmental Editor/Sales Specialist. Her responsibilities shifted from working on the creation and production of new titles to working alongside sales representatives to find and close large deals in the field of engineering technology.

While Monica’s colleagues, clients, and friends were always quick to encourage and praise her, Monica’s greatest influence in starting her own company was her mother. “My mother was my biggest fan and my greatest inspiration,” she has said. Gwen Ohlinger was a celebrated elementary school teacher who in her second career managed a college bookstore; over the years she passed along her passions and interests to Monica. Growing up surrounded by academic texts sparked Monica’s interest in education and college publishing.

Following in Gwen’s entrepreneurial footsteps, and grounded by her ever-present support, Monica launched Ohlinger Publishing Services (OPS) in 1995. “I know this is what she would have wanted for me. I think about her every day and hope I channel her wonderful spirit.” Monica has clearly inherited her mother’s lifelong passion for learning and her special ability to connect with people of all types.

OPS hired its first employee in 1996. Working initially from a spare bedroom in her home, Monica assembled a group of articulate, creative individuals capable of seeing titles from various textbook publishers through all phases of the development and production process. Monica established a full-service division, Ohlinger Development and Editorial (ODE), in 2016. OPS and ODE merged in 2018 to become Ohlinger Studios, now housed in a 4000-square-foot midcentury modern office space.

Ohlinger Studios has developed textbooks, supplemental materials, and trade textbooks, from the basic to the advanced level. We have edited and designed products in over 35 disciplines, including Anthropology, Art History, Business Law, Communication, Criminal Justice, Economics, Engineering (electrical and mechanical), Entrepreneurship, Health Care, History (US, World, Western Civilization), Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Nutrition, Personal Health, Political Science, Public Speaking, Religion, Sociology, Student Success, Technical Communication, Technology (electronics, computer, mechanical, industrial), and Trades (electrical, construction, plumbing, HVAC, cosmetology, hospitality, culinary).

Over the past 20 years, as the state of the textbook publishing industry has shifted dramatically, Ohlinger Studios has evolved and diversified in its services to publishers. As the company has become increasingly supportive of and knowledgeable about the learning sciences, we have continued to develop pedagogically sound online assessments, optimize print texts for the digital environment, and design premium interactive programs to accompany texts across the humanities, social sciences, and world languages.

With the expansion of its teams comes an expansion of the myriad services Ohlinger Studios offers its clients and partners. Today, OS is home to over fifty seasoned professionals who bring with them expertise across a wide array of fields: Our veteran publishing experts have been joined by marketing specialists, college professors, technical writers, fiction writers, construction managers, and filmmakers. What unites us is our enthusiasm for the value our work and our ability to create clear, accessible instructional materials. We can help you reach an understanding with your audience, to confidently deliver effective and inspiring learning engagements.

Ohlinger Studios excels in developing learning experiences and marketing content that attracts and holds the attention of its audience. As the world shifts to digital, we strive to be a key partner to our clients in making the transition. We get what you do, and we have the talent and expertise to effectively convey your message. Let’s get to work!