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Ohlinger Studios has vast experience partnering with

market-leading organizations and thought leaders.

We deliver innovative and engaging learning and training solutions in secondary, post-secondary, professional, government, and industry association sectors.
 We use the most current learner-centered design and development models to ensure the very best in learner experiences. Working across all delivery formats (print, digital, video, and mobile), Ohlinger Studios is a full-service partner, taking projects from conception to completion.
 We take pride in what we do because our work impacts millions of learners. At Ohlinger Studios, our record of consistent growth and on-time delivery has ensured successful business outcomes for our partners.
Our team has extensive knowledge across a wide range of content areas and mastery in multiple platforms.
From development to production to full service, we can accommodate you with one point of contact. How can we help you today?

Our Services

Content Development, Market Development and Project Management

  • Print and digital content development 
  • Competitive analyses, correlations, and certification correlations development
  • Market development (reviews, surveys, focus groups) 
  • Curriculum development 
  • Training materials development 
  • Author management 
  • Program and project management 
  • Diversity and inclusion audits and remediation

Production (print)



  • Vendor collaboration and management 
  • Copyright clearance on third-party text content and images
  • Image program management
  • Graphic design management 
  • Editing and proofreading services 
  • Process and workflow solutions
  • Budget development and analysis
  • Interior and cover designs

 Production (digital)



  • Managing, troubleshooting, and resolving content, accessibility, and functional QA findings
  • Collaborating with both technical/platform and non-technical/content teams
  • Facilitating Waterfall and Agile development
  • Utilizing tracking platforms including JIRA
  • Conducting User Acceptance Testing and compiling product design feedback

Production (digital) continued



  • Overseeing HTML/XML coding and multimedia development (e.g., interactive assets, audio, video, etc.) to ensure technical specifications are met
  • Providing accessibility solutions including testing and guidance for multiple types of accessibility reviews, including color contrast, color meaning, alt-text writing, and screen reader functionality
  • Applying experience with WCAG 2.0 standards to digital content

Digital and Mobile-First Development


  • Creating, editing, and reviewing content designed for digital consumption
  • Writing content and copy for mobile-first environments
  • Curating and transforming content in authoring tools to deliver multi-component programs for integration with various platforms and use on all types of devices

Audio/Video Development & Production


  • Media content development from concept through production
  • Full sound, video, and digital production
  • Program, outline, and script management and review
  • Facilitation of author and SME reviews of rough and final cuts
  • Coordination of larger custom and interactive development projects

Audio/Video Development & Production continued


  • Vendor collaboration and management
  • Asset curation and research
  • Copyright clearance on third-party text content and images
  • Accessibility solutions
  • Assessment and engagement design to strengthen training platform and LMS capabilities

Assessments and Supplements



  • Fully integrated formative and summative assessment development
  • Subject-matter-expert (SME) procurement and management
  • Supplement content development including: instructor manuals, test banks, PowerPoints, study guides, workbooks, video guides

Mission Statement

The Mission of Ohlinger Studios is to work as a flexible, cohesive, and committed team

to collaborate with authors, subject matter experts, students, instructors, and our content

partners to create immersive learning experiences that engage learners and from which

they gain useful and long-lasting knowledge and skills.

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ENLIGHT MEDIA is our strategic partner and creates content that engages audiences, helping their clients communicate with clarity and resonance. Their team is ready to put 100+ years of experience to work. 
  • Turnkey content development, including outlining, scripting, and author and SME reviews
  • Full sound, video, and digital production, including 3D and motion graphics
  • Asset curation and research
  • Copyright and permissions management
  • Accessibility solutions